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Lizzie is grateful to have been inspired by yoga since her teen years. Before finding her practice she was moving through a difficult transition around body image, anxiety and depression. Yoga was a deeply moving process for her that helped lead her to her light. At the young age of 17, she embarked on her journey to becoming a yoga teacher. She is E-RYT 200HR and 500HR RYT certified and is dedicated to her expansive study of the world through means of travel and her continuos education with extraordinarily cultured teachers. She teaches at the top three yoga studios in Austin, Tx,  Black Swan Yoga, Wanderlust Yoga, and Practice Yoga.  Her sequencing is intuitively creative and her flows are formed to challenge, inspire, empower, and transform you and your practice. Her playlists are mindfully arranged and influenced by her vast performance arts background of voice, classical piano, and ballet. You might even be laid to rest for savasana with a gift of song. She aims to create space for those who come to her class whether it is to laugh and let go, to move with purpose, or to get their asana kicked. Most of all she wants to create the same energy her teachers did for her when she needed it most.


500 HR E-RYT / Wanderlust Yoga Austin
300 HR CONT. / San Marcos School of Yoga
300 HR CONT. / Wanderlust Yoga Hollywood

luna nativa

An elite yoga x music festival embodying culture, creativity and community.



Join us October 20, 2018 at Carson Creek Ranch, Austin Texas. Set on the Colorado river, and a short 15-minute drive from Downtown Austin, Carson Creek Ranch offers a stunning retreat into Texas wilderness. Dive in to mindfulness, set intentions and open your heart with an expansive and unique group of yogis, step into seminars and talks from artists, creators and teachers who embody strength and courage, indulge in healthy and nutritious foods and snacks, and dance the night away with an elite and incomparable line up of musicians and artists. Use code “LizzieAguirre” for a discounted ticket.

  Yoga Headliner : Chelsey Korus

Yoga Headliner : Chelsey Korus


Chelsey Korus | Andrea Taylor | Lizzie Aguirre | Melody DanceFit | Gustavo Padron | Leah Cullis & More

  Music Headliner : Nicola Cruz

Music Headliner : Nicola Cruz


Nicola Cruz | Sol Rising | Swayló | Coco | Stella Floss & More




With an extensive background in Opera, Classical Piano, Theatre and Dance,  music is weaved into my DNA and is a major component that ties in to everything I do. Each playlist is carefully crafted to match the BPM of each song with the BPM of our hearts as the sequence ebb's and flows throughout a practice. As I teach I watch for what the room feels and make sure we are all on  the same experiential journey through means of symphony. At the end of every month I collect the class favorites and load them onto this playlist. Enjoy these tunes as a piece of my heart, for they have meant so much for me and have inspired me to be a better listener, giver, and teacher.


"Don't underestimate the healing power of these three thingsmusic, the ocean, and the stars."